Day 4, 365 Project


After a hot windy day yesterday, the rain this morning was a welcome change.  I am really loving my new macro lens


Day 3, 365 Project


It’s hot and windy today.  One of those scary bushfire days.  I struggled to find inspiration all day.  Who want’s to be out in this weather?  Nothing inside my house was grabbing my attention.  It wasn’t until later in the day and after many photos of “blaahh”, that I came across this spider’s nest on my fence.  I’m not entirely happy with the photo but hey after all day of struggling I was happy to come up with anything!  I guess this is all part of the journey and I can only learn from today (how not to compose photos and what doesn’t work!)

Day 1, 365 Project


When I ventured outside today to begin my 365 project, I wasn’t planning on photographing my dog.  It’s impossible to get him to sit still.  I’m not quite sure what he thinks the camera is but I’m assuming it’s somewhere between a toy that I might throw for him to chase (never!!), or something quite tasty that needs to be licked if I squat down low to his level.  So as I sat on the bench contemplating my surroundings and looking for some inspiration, he was doing the same.  I took my opportunity as it will probably never come again and took this photo of him, which I love.

Oh and yes I’m a few days behind in posting my 365 project, it’s taken me 4 days to work out how to set up this blog!! It’s still a work in progress, so next time you check back it will probably look a little different.  (I’m sure I’ll miss a few days during the year too, when life gets in the way!)